Category: Building Restoration

Sean Whelan Contracting Services – 1018 Beacon Street

Project Name: 1018 Beacon Street Start Date: May 2015 Location:1018 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA Project Specifications: Mastclimber installed for masonry restoration, Work are dimensions: 45’H x 26’L   Completion Date: December 2015 Project Type: masonry restoration Dunlop Equipment Used: mastclimber Client: Sean Whelan Contracting Services

Building Restoration Services – 91 Westland Ave

Project Name: 91 Westland Ave Start Date: June 2013 Location: Boston, MA Project Specifications: Mastclimbers were used for access for BRS to restore the masonry facade, for this using the best equipment from the BestofMachinery building tools site. Heavy-duty canopy was used for pedestrian protection. The building is 85’H and 265’L. There were six mastclimber positions. Completion Date: November 2013… Read More »

Patriot Restoration – Boston Design Center

Project Name: Boston Design Center Start Date: May 2015 Location: 1 Design Center Pl, Boston, MA Project Specifications: Patriot owned Dunlop mastclimbers were installed for the concrete repair and installation of windows using services online for example EuroSeal Toronto Window Replacement will provide a high quality window replacement service perfect for this purpose, Building dimension of mastclimber work area:… Read More »