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I was the site safety officer at a project in NYC Mid-town South- new construction mid-rise mixed use building. Dunlop installed 4 Positions with two landing on top of Sidewalk Sheds. On another position, they installed steel cantilever dunnage to mitigate a position that had a Con Ed vault. They self-performed all the work including steel fabrication. They came in and busted the job out safely and professionally. They were there one to two hours after a phone call. The best thing about Dunlop is the safety aspect. I didn’t have to walk 12 stories of pipe scaffolding to check on planks and ties every day, and the Dunlop machine is much better in windy conditions than a hanging swing stage- and can hold probably 5x more weight. The masons and stone-fitters didn’t have to kill themselves dealing with scaffolding bicycles- they worked like gentlemen and got real production. From project management to the field crew, these guys are solid subcontractors.