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“As project manager, we were on a fairly tight schedule, and Dunlop Mastclimbers could not have been any easier to work with. We had several trades on the project, and Dunlop coordinated and certified all the workers on timely basis. The machinery was efficient and operated properly 100% of the time. I would not hesitate to use Dunlop again!”

Company: The Cleveland Marble Mosaic
Project: Beth Israel Hospital

“The project we worked with Dunlop was for an occupied space, where the Owner didn’t want netting on pipe scaffolding so the occupants could enjoy their view. Dunlop overcame difficult site conditions including a 4 foot utility trench and a 60 foot setback, to crane in their equipment. They worked overnight to get the job done and coordinated with the MTA, not an easy task. They were flexible and got the job done.”

Anthony Ochotorena
Rally Restoration

“Our project was situated in a courtyard that didn’t have the best access. Dunlop was able to roll their equipment in and use a chain-fall to set the platform. The machine allowed the tenants to have a clear view instead of looking at netting on a pipe scaffolding system. Dunlop was professional, flexible on scheduling and got the job done.”

Bobby Magee
Director, Skyline Windows LLC

“Dunlop came in and coordinated with me for the proper placement of their equipment. They were able to get the proper paperwork adjusted for inspections within an hour of our request. We used these machines for framing, sheathing, waterproofing and panel installation. Professional, courteous and easy to deal with.”

Ben Navarro

“We hired Dunlop so our guests could still enjoy the views of the City without the dark netting of pipe scaffolding. The machines were pretty inconspicuous when the men weren’t working. Our building has a unique architectural geometry to it, but Dunlop engineered their system to fit nicely around. Their staff was friendly and responded when needed.”

Christopher Rohr
The Jane Hotel
113 Jane Street, NY NY 10014

“Icon used Dunlop for terra cotta panel installation. They put their mast base and built their towers on the sidewalk shed which was engineered to hold the equipment. This allowed us to work above a subway entrance that had massive pedestrian traffic. They also had to put in special bracing to mitigate any impact on the new Con Ed vault. Dunlop worked with us on price and schedule and the equipment was efficient.”

Mustafa Yildirim
ICON Facade

“Our site was over 25 stories tall, with 13 stories rising about our adjacent neighbors. Their roof couldn’t support a large scale pipe scaffolding operation, and there wasn’t room on the roof for swing stage, but Dunlop solved the problem by designing needle beams with cantilever bracing that was supported on the 15th floor, rising above the neighbors so our shell could be completed. Dunlop took care of the engineering and crane operations and were responsive and easy to work with.”

Robert Squillante
RYDER Construction

“I was the site safety officer at a project in NYC Mid-town South- new construction mid-rise mixed use building. Dunlop installed 4 Positions with two landing on top of Sidewalk Sheds. On another position, they installed steel cantilever dunnage to mitigate a position that had a Con Ed vault. They self-performed all the work including steel fabrication. They came in and busted the job out safely and professionally. They were there one to two hours after a phone call. The best thing about Dunlop is the safety aspect. I didn’t have to walk 12 stories of pipe scaffolding to check on planks and ties every day, and the Dunlop machine is much better in windy conditions than a hanging swing stage- and can hold probably 5x more weight. The masons and stone-fitters didn’t have to kill themselves dealing with scaffolding bicycles- they worked like gentlemen and got real production. From project management to the field crew, these guys are solid subcontractors.”

Zulma Andino
Site Safety Manager, CRSafety Group