The Dunlop 12000

Dunlop 12000

A mast climber must improve productivity and safety while being cost effective. We designed the Dunlop 12000 to be user-friendly, safe, and efficient. We started with the mast design and used a twin rack so that the load is evenly spread. This quadruples the life expectancy of the racks over a single rack system.

The motors have centrifugal brakes and sufficient power to drive the platform up with a load of 8000 lbs. evenly spread over a 52’ platform.

Each unit comes with two motors, with a pinion for each rack to spread the load. The motor and gearbox has the capability of sustaining the load and operating by itself in the event that one is not functioning. The motor has its own centrifugal braking system and the electro-magnetic brakes are always on until a raise or lower command is given which releases the brakes and the platform moves.

In the event of power loss, the platform can be lowered to the ground by using the centrifugal override brakes. Each platform has a trapdoor which can be lifted and by pushing the brake release levers located at the ends of both motors the platform with descend at 26 ft. per minute.

You can store your material, work bench and tools on the mast climber and go to work. The mast climber is surrounded by fences with toe boards that give you a sense of security. The outriggers provide space for planks, which workers can stand on (no materials should be stored on the planks). Productivity is increased when workers feel safe, comfortable, and have room to work.

The control panel is located on the top surface of the mast climber and is complete with a transformer to give you two outlets at 110V AC, 5A outlets. The pendant control, which is used to operate the mast climber, is detachable. This gives the user the ability to take a mast climbers out of use when servicing. The panel has a phase relay, earth monitoring relay and thermal overload switches. The mast climber operates on 208VAC, 50A. Each mast climber has limit switches to prevent it from traveling above the top mast section. There is a backup proximity switch for the up-mode. There are two down-mode limit switches to shut off the power when the mast climber reaches the ground or lower limit set position. The pendant control has a convenient layout with an Emergency Stop button should the need arise.


  • 20’ length to 52’ length available
  • Two 110VAC, 5A outlets available for power tools
  • Load capacity up to 12,000 lbs.
  • No Height Restriction
  • Quiet & cold weather operation
  • Simple emergency descent
  • Easy to build
  • 208VAC, 50 A, three-phase needed per unit

Options Available

  • 110 vac. 20 amp outlet bank
  • Welding bank
  • Quiet & Cold Weather Operation
  • Boom arm with pump
  • Extra long heavy duty outriggers


In addition to our Dunlop 12000 mastclimber system, our Engineering Department can customize our equipment to suit your unique project through our accessories or our design/build model.

Examples of these accessories:

  • A Frame Platforms
  • Step Down Transformers
  • Buck Boosters

Heavy Duty Sidewalk Protection

Safety is important to us at Dunlop Mastclimbers, and we offer state of the art Heavy Duty Sidewalk Protection to our clients when needed.